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'I resigned so I could tell the truth about Brexit – and what it will cost Britain to stay'.
John Longworth, The Guardian.



A letter to the local newspaper in response to a Remain letter:

To: Editor Hendon & Finchley Press 30.5.16 Please consider for publication

Dear Madam/Sir

Forgive me for being cynical about Jean Lambert, Green MEP's desperate plea for the UK to remain in the EU. Maybe it's because as an MEP she is paid a salary of at least £6500 a month as well as several allowances including daily subsistence of £304, plus £4300 a month office costs, plus other allowances for footwear and clothing, plus £257,000 when she leaves - all out of our taxes! It's no wonder that, like Neil and Glenys Kinnock, Lord Mandelson etc. she wants to remain on the EU gravy train!

Ms Lambert states that the free movement we enjoy (?) is overwhelmingly positive for London. Will people stop coming to London, the tourist and business capital of the world, if we leave the EU? Does she want to go on paying benefits for the jobless migrants we can't prevent coming whereas we turn away skilled Commonwealth professionals?

Ms Lambert, I have to tell you that students came to study in the UK before 1975 when we joined the EU - and they will carry on coming whether we are in or out. Our young people will continue to go to European universities if they wish, and the telecom companies will want to give them free roaming for their mobiles. Maybe if we left the EU our students could get grants from the money we save! Brits will continue to retire abroad, and receive free healthcare in Europe when we leave. EU citizens in London will continue to 'enrich our lives' (including the Belgium terrorists?).

Really Ms Lambert - the fundamental question is do we want to give away our democracy, sovereignty and ability to control our borders to an un-elected council of over-paid commissioners, administrators and MEPs in the nineteen huge buildings in Brussels wand Strasbourg who sap away about £40 million (net) a day from the taxes we pay?

Why don't you vote to leave like other MEPs like Daniel Hannan (Tory) who want to make themselves redundant and your Green colleague on the GLA, Jenny Jones, who has made an honourable choice to Leave despite Green Party policy?

Yours faithfully
David Gutmann



A letter to the local newspaper in response to the Remain claim that there will be economic downturn with Brexit:


To: Editor Barnet Times series 30.6.16, Please consider for publication.


Dear Madam/Sir,


An economic downturn when we leave? FICTION. Ten years of uncertainty? FICTION.

Mr Edward Calloway makes out he is a champion of the 'working people' who will 'suffer' if we leave the EU. He claims we will have austerity etc. and the financial hub will move from London to Frankfurt but where is his evidence for this scaremongering? Which 'major industries' say we are better off in rather than out? The foreign-owned car manufacturers will not stop selling VWs etc. here - we are their biggest market! Our exporters will continue to have unfettered access to foreign markets if we left the EU.


The economies of most EU countries have plummeted over the past 10 years - FACT - the unemployment rates there are 20% or more for young people in some EU countries - FACT - and financial institutions like the IMF who have predicted doom and gloom were wrong when they advised us to join the euro, which continues to sink in value - FACT. Over the past 5 years our sales to the EU countries have reduced each year - FACT, but the sales to the rest of the world have increased - FACT.


If Mr Calloway supports the Labour party perhaps he should read the campaign leaflet of Labour Go group - The Case for Leaving the EU. It states:

* We pay Brussels £19 billion a year and get only £9 billion back - this money should be invested in the NHS, schools and services.

* No trade restrictions will be imposed when we leave the EU.

* The British economy is growing faster than all EU countries' and international investors do not feat Britain leaving.

* Remaining in the EU risks our NHS, railways and public services from the TTIP transatlantic trade deal between the EU and the USA that only helps multinational corporations and will lead to much of the NHS being sold off.

* We could invest the money saved in creating new jobs in farming and fishing, industries decimated by EU policies and regulations.


If Mr Calloway supports trade unions perhaps he should know that the EU 'promotes zero hours contracts', and has weakened collective bargaining in several countries. Look at the current worker demonstrations in France over their diminishing rights That's why Mr Calloway's fear-promoting and vacuous statements about risking voting away jobs are groundless.


Finally Mr Calloway states (his opinion, not fact) 'If we vote to stay in we can always come out later'. This not only fatally damages his case to remain but is factually incorrect. It is unlikely we will get another chance to vote.


The case for leaving the EU is overwhelming!


Yours faithfully

David Gutmann


Letter to local newspaper in response to Councillors making claim that Brexit may cost local businesses £500,000:


Please consider for publication.
Barnet Times series


Dear Madam/Sir


I read an article dated 2nd June 2016 headed Fears that Brexit could cost Barnet businesses £500,000 and I am incensed. Someone is treating us as if we are idiots.


This report runs, " should Britain exit the EU the cash could become unavailable, say Barnet Labour councillors, with the effect that more businesses would go bust and more people would become reliant on the state benefits....."

I thank them for their frankness in demonstrating their fearmongering is motivated by free taxpayers money redistributed by EU to bribe people into protecting and promoting UK European Union membership. It is hard to imagine a more self serving group of individuals who have conspired to defraud a country of its birthright and inheritance.


The truth behind this article is clear and simple to see. The corrupt British government takes taxes from the people to replenish the European Union gravy train.


This is corruption of the vilest and most foul sort. This is why I regard the European Union as a criminal organisation governed by a bunch of international criminals.


What we in the UK today are fighting for, in our own unpaid time and assisted by huge numbers of personal cash contributions, is the right to govern ourselves.


We are the only people who can look after our own country, not a foreign cabal bent on achieving its own objectives.


The only vote that is good for Europe but not the EU on the 23rd June is a BREXIT VOTE.


Yours faithfully,


Philip rock



Philip E Rock
Flat 2, 66 Stanhope Avenue
Finchley N3 3NA