Architecture: Why?

When I was 13 years old I asked my father why I needed to do well at school, and why this was so important.


His reply was to tell me that it was and so I would be able to have a better job when I grew up, have a wider choice of jobs, and be able to support a wife and family comfortably rather than living "hand to mouth". Until this point in my schooling I had experienced acute problems in my learning at school and this had led to me recently at the time coming bottom of the class in all but two subjects, 'Art', and 'Geometrical and Engineering Drawing'. In the same conversation my father asked me if I had any idea what I might wish to do for my future career, to which my reply was a short list that included artist, flying, geologist, pilot, draughtsman, or something to do with spaceflight.


In responset to this my father made a suggestion along the lines that one of the most secure lines may be that of a traditional profession. In fairly short shrift this led to something that used my strengths, was related in some way to the work that my father did as onumental mason, and which I was already familiar with. It was also one of the traditional professions, and he made the suggestion to me to go with a goal of becoming an architect. For whatever reason, this idea very quickly stuck, and over the next few months following affirmation of requirements etc I was deeply attached to the idea.


This was something of a dream more than a realistic goal or hope.


(To be extended & continued ..... )



My Outlook and love of Architecture:


My father's intense interest in graphic art and photography, and my love of nature ...




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