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Europe - and European


What is Europe?


Europe is the second smallest continent in the world according to Wikipedia.


By definition as a continent, Europe contains a number of countries which developed naturally as a result of geographic and climactic differences that imposed, from the beginning of elementary trade during the stone age, differing potential economic types and strengths.


Due to these differences originating from geography and climate and influencing economy, traditions of peoples, daily routines, varying importances for different types of produce, the character of different peoples evolved, and cultures came to exist.


Innovation was driven by the needs of people in individual national areas, and identities evolved which each led to evolution through technological development. Necessity, being the mother of invention, caused development as the nations developed. Competition in technology and economy arose and for some cultures became more important than for other cultures. It takes no genius intellect to divine that the motivation in Germany and Britain was stronger perhaps than in Greece (where, for instance, the climate was and perhaps always has been far more palatable!).