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. . . after Brexit, we'll still go on European holidays . . .

. . . we'll still buy European cars and wine . . .

. . . and Europeans will still visit Britain and buy Jaguars and Nissans . . .

. . . Trade and travel will continue.


Britain's geographical location will remain unchanged

The sky will remain blue (when not cloudy)

We will remain unboiled (in oil, or whatever)

And career politicians from Blair to Cameron will be proved wrong . . .

. . . in many many things.


P.S. Britain will remain in Europe



Britain will control it's own borders

people from all over the world will visit Britain . . .

. . . and emigrate to Britain . . .

. . . and people from Britain will visit all over the world

as they did before the EU

and Britain will be master of it's own economy . . .

and will thrive and grow.





Bad for Britain

Bad for Industry (all of Europe's)

Bad for Economy (all of Europe's)


Because it is:









Because it is:



And like all superstatists, is:






Causes Wars



Napoleon: pan-Europe war

Kaiser: pan-European war

Hitler: pan-European war

In short, the European Union is:







Pro Remain arguments never manage to withstand even the mildest of fair scrutiny, and here is a collection of the counter arguments that illustrate this, in the form of Letters



The Danger we are in 1


All experience has shown that mankind is disposed to suffer -
while evils are insufferable -
than to right themselves to the forms to which they are accustomed.


American Declaration of Independence



Are we in a political union that not only was not voted on, but has gone rotten?




A Canadian's report on what is happening and what it what



The Danger we are in 2


Europe suffered, each time a superstatist project was undertaken, a pan European war, two of which became World Wars.

Today the European Union, the fourth superstatist project, places Europe in imminent danger of yet another pan-European war.

The ambitious EU purchased (bribed) the politicians of the Ukraine and destabilised that country (similar to how it 'purchased' many of its present member states) and demonstrates that it is an expansionist dictatorship.
(This is the reason that the Crimea including it's predominantly Russian speaking people firmly split from the Ukraine and invited the Russians in, and subsequently voted to become effectively part of Russia.)
The EU exercises it's expansionism by any means, similar to the Third Reich in the 1930's, and it has contempt for all nations.
The EU is today desperately, urgently, seeking to become armed (to become as Hitler's Germany) and it is beyond question that the EU will assure us of a Fourth pan-European war and which to thinking people appears relatively imminent.
The EU dictatorship will almost certainly ensure another war between the German led West European block and Russia: it is already evident that it (privately, secretly) seeks this.

Given America's recent backing to the EU and joining the EU's antagonism of Russia, it appears extremely likely that the fourth pan-European war will again involve America, but this time perhaps from the beginning, and will be a world war: the 'Third World War'.

On this basis, none of the above can be safely regarded as incorrect, inaccurate, or mistaken.


The British Prime Minister David Cameron, when he fatuously stated that BREXIT would cause serious war, was not only demonstrating his deep ignorance, but was being so extremely irresponsible that I cannot express in words.
He was being wild, reckless as he has shown many times in his mindless support of the anti European 'European Union', and he has not only to be regarded as someone who does not understand what he does, but is himself a danger to Europe.

On a personal note, it appears the British Prime Minister, Cameron, only cares about his future wealth, his pension, and his own career and family interests, and that he puts all of these above our country and above every European's Europe.

But then, that I believe is true of most of the career politicians' support for the anti-European EU.

As I said at the time, "He should he certified"



The EU Parliament in which mock democracy takes place

and the British gladiator, Spartacus, tells it as it is


The Danger we are in 3


Individuals who believe in nothing, convincing honest hard-working people that they believe in something, and applying false substantiation through "fear mongering"?



"Taking the Fear out of Brexit" Documentary



The Danger we are in 4

A deeper source of the problems of 20 th century conflict in Europe may lie in the Teutonic desire to grow and expand Teutonic power to eventually rule far beyond the Germanic border.
It is widely believed that the two World Wars were rooted in this desire and came to pass as a result of such endeavour.
It has been reported in the last week that the European Union, despite the total absence of legal permission from any member states other than that signed away illegally in recent years, has secretly taken over Dutch armed forces so that Holland now has not army or armed forced to call its own. The EU is now and has been for some time secretly training in Africa and on the Salisbury Plain in England alongside British troops.

Whatever the case, there is no denial that what was said after the Second World War, that Germany must never be allowed to become a united whole Germany again, has actually come to pass and the fearful call has arisen from among the German leadership for Germany to lead the new European Union armed forces
We now must be most concerned when the senior military figures in in the British armed forces stand up and speak, as reported today, in support of Brexit.


Report in the Daily Mail dated 25 May 2016

(For a clear full page view of this article please click here)

We must understand that the kind of undemocratic entity represented by the European Union will if we vote remain become self enforcing as well as governing, and in short shrift dissent of the union will come to be suppressed by force.


The Damage to Britain 1


Before 1970 Britain had a thriving fishing industry around who whole coast, with major food processing plans likewise situated around the country.
Grimsby had large food processing plants situated there because of the volume of fish being brought in from the Humber Estuary.

Today the European Union, the fourth superstatist project, places Europe in imminent danger of yet another pan-European war.




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