My introduction to Geology:


If it was not for the fact that in my secondary school we had a very good teacher for geography and who also offered geology, and the case that I needed an additional 'A' level to fulfill my requirement for training as an architect, I might never have studied geology at all.


However, even if I had not studied the subject, I had an inherent or innate interest in geology that had nothing whatsoever to do with my namesake.


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The first things I learnt preceeded my studies in geology:


Fellwalking in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales caused me to be imbued with a love of the countryside and nature so that as I gew up I founded much of my thinking and philosophies on and in nature's principles.


My questioning instincts also led me to ask why different characteristics of the natural countryside were as they were. These questions pertained to everything I could define. One particularl detail I recall were miniature terraces often seen on sloping fell sides.


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