The Earth:


The earth is an incredibly complex near sphere of material that includes almost all the naturally occurring elements of the universe.

(A 'near sphere' only because of the centrifugal force imparted differentially between the poles and the equator by it's rotation about its axis, causing it to take on a 'flattened spherical' shape, whereby two persons situated at the north and south poles respectively will be closer to one another than two persons situated on opposite sides of the earth but at two points on the equator.)


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The physics and chemistry taking place in the matter comprising the 'Earth':


Anyone who has made a large pot of stew and had to simmer the stew on the stove for any length of time will be familiar with what happens on the surface of the stew as the bubbles of steam and hot gasses burst at the surface.

Further study, in which the movement of areas of the surface of the stew, represent small scale modelling not only of what was originally named 'continental drift' but also of the convection zones within the earth's mantle.


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