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I must first apologise to my page clickers and site readers for my web site being as good (I mean 'bad') as inoperative since shortly after the resounding success, against all the odds, of our Brexit campaign.

Many people fought against the establishment, the tax backed parasites, traitors, and unworthy Westminster politicians against a decades long betrayal of the UK.

A little about myself, and the background to this appalling history that caused many good people to have to make personal sacrifices in order to try (again) to thwart the actions of treason and betrayal of my country by people within it, and from attack by enemies both within and without Britain.


My adult life

At age 18 I left school following completion of 'A' levels and was promptly called upon due to having just reached voting age to cast my vote in the 1970 General Election.

I was set on a course with the goal of becoming an architect with the intention of being well able to bring up a family and provide for it, including a secure loving home as free of stress, pain, or undue hardship to my (expected) family and children.

Well, I do not have to prove that I have failed in most of my set goals not for lack of hard work and trying, but for other reasons, some of which (i.e. the least personal) I will explain below.

So, in 1970 I voted for my country and its population (so I thought) by voting for the party I felt best disposed to do so. That, I thought, was the Conservative rather than, as I viewed it, the party that stood mostly for a particular sector of the population as did Labour at the time. I was keenly aware that by casting a vote I would be really taking part in directing the course of the future of my country. Being born in 1952 had meant that I was born into a nation of adults who were literally in shock at the war that had embroiled them up to 7 years before I was born.

Thus the Second World War Second World War had signalled to me the importance of the nation state in nurturing and looking after the people of a group or culture. Bounded by discrete borders ensured the distinction between nations so that, through co-operation and respect, the interests of differing people can be properly looked after and economical and industrial differences co-ordinated. Competition between nations and within cultures had evolved naturally in the formation of nation states as an extension of nature, and the needs and necessities of human evolution thus continued. I appreciated that independent nation states made it possible, in the presence of right minded people not afraid to speak out and stand up for right and honesty, to watch out for aggression and to deter aggression.

So it was that 1970 was the year that not only signalled a new decade, but also the year in which I completed my 'A' levels and schooling, became eligible to vote, and went to Architectural college. It was also the year that, in voting Conservative, I voted for Edward Heath, almost certainly one of Britain's most vile traitors. Within months of for the Conservatives long term plans formulated during the Second World war and documented in the years after the Second World War were actually put into motion - surreptitiously aft first, in such a way that the co-ordinated manner in which this was done went unnoticed by most people of my age, including myself.

To be continued to completion ....

So, it has come to pass, all these decades later, the the most appropriate reply to a statement made on LBC by a junior doctor, is that which I made in my comment on same and copied below.

Junior doctor

Watch this junior doctor speaking on the subject, and then read on ...

"This is another aspect of having your country in an organisation owned by people who want their organisation to take ownership of your country and to corporatise every aspect and entity of and in your country for their own profit. The organisation to which I refer is itself a criminal organisation, has achieved it's present day position by deceit, stealth, and downright lies, and is a thoroughly criminal enterprise. It's overall goal is to take ownership of otherwise democratic self governing states throughout Europe, and it is my personal belief that this is absolutely in line with one or more groups of people behind the New World Order (NWO)."

"This is very real, this is here today, and our position today is such that it is almost impossible to regain our country and bring it back into public and civic ownership. Anyone who doubts this might benefit from reflecting on the possible motives of the criminals, and their relationship to the common people whose lives they have been incrementally destroying over the last 70 years - and even more so over the last 15 years. We don't only need to leave the European Union, we need to get our country back and, despite the referendum vote for leave and the Prime Minister's protestations that "Brexit means Brexit", we are still having our country systematically stolen from us."

"The evidence for this is indisputable, but this truth is hidden behind a tissue of lies buried in esoteric statements one after the other issuing from the people running our country today, most notably those of the defence secretary, who is overseeing the treasonous gifting away to the Europe wide armed forces, but the ultimate transfer of Britain's nuclear deterrent to the European entity, union or whatever. In 1971 Edward Heath, who took us into what he knew then and placed under the Official Secrets Act to ultimately comprise nothing less than a political union, amounting to 'control and ownership' of our country, lied and denied publicly that the Common Market would not be or become a political union."

"He knowingly committed treason in this matter and made himself the worst traitor Britain has ever suffered."

"Today the government and all other mainstream parties in Westminster are attempting to commit us to the same fate, the same overall institution whether it be a European Union, or the ultimate owners of the European Union, or the NWO, by essentially telling us the same lie or set of lies."

"Our only possible defence is UKIP, and our return to our original lawful constitution."