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My adult life

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At age 18 I left school following completion of 'A' levels and was promptly called upon due to having just reached voting age to cast my vote in the 1970 General Election.

I was set on a course with the goal of becoming an architect with the intention of being well able to bring up a family and provide for it, including a secure loving home as free of stress, pain, or undue hardship as possible for my (anticipated) children and family.

That year seemed a good year to have finished school and started on my adult journey, so to speak: the end of one decade and the beginning of the new.

I was keenly aware that by casting a vote I would be really taking part in directing the course of the future of my country. I voted for my country and its population (so I thought) by voting for the party I felt best disposed so to do, while the party I did not vote for seemd bent on only the 'interests of the workers' and worker's rights which, I understood, could not be protected in an unprotected nation. Being born in 1952 had meant that I was born into a nation of adults who were still in shock at the war that had embroiled them up to 7 years before.

Thus the Second World War Second World War had signalled to me the importance of the nation state in nurturing and looking after the people of a group or culture. Bounded by discrete borders ensured the distinction between nations so that, through co-operation and respect, the interests of differing people can be properly looked after and economical and industrial differences co-ordinated. Competition between nations and within cultures had evolved naturally in the formation of nation states as an extension of nature, and the needs and necessities of human evolution thus continued. I appreciated that independent nation states made it possible, in the presence of right minded people not afraid to speak out and stand up for right and honesty, to keep a watchful eye out for aggression and to deter aggressors.

I indirectly voted for a man by the name Edward Heath since he was the leader of the Conservative party, the party I thought would look after my country better than any other.

Within two short years that man had utterly betrayed my country, it's inhabitants and everything that I voted for, but the story of just how deeply and wantonly he had betrayed everyone in my country only unfolded over the years and decades that followed.

'Ted' Heath betrayed the citizens of my country by signing us into the European Economic Community that was founded in 1957 under the Treaty of Rome by the Economic Community Act of Parliament, 1972, enjoining the UK in the club that was commonly called by politicians and mainstream media as the 'Common Market'. The other member states were France, Germany, Italy, the Benelux countries Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg. In the final years of his life Ted Heath admitted to knowing at the time that the "Common Market" was a cover for what was planned to become a "European Union" and that he had lied barefaced when asked in the 1970's whether the Common Market would become a political union. His admission was made after 1993, the year in which the European Union was formed, no doubt at a point in time that he believed it too late to undo the act of treason that he had committed.


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