This is





We have fought for our nation and won a major milestone referendum.

But we continue to live in extraordinary times.


We are now in The InterBrexit stage of getting

Britain out of the EU.


It is the 2nd part of The War
The part that is equivalent to the 2nd part of the Second World War.
That part which was left after the
1st "Battle of Britain"


The reason?


The reason is we are now up against both the Tyranny within the EU, and the Tyranny within the British government.



Please click here if you wish to go and browse the Pre Referendum pages, the pages dedicated
to making available clean factual information to voters
in our fighting the 'New Battle of Britain' or 'Battle of Britain 2'.



The Brexit win for our nation
has sent shock waves around the world and caused at last
the beginning of a return to reality in respect to the
of the United Kingdom.


Already more nations from the rest of the world have formed a cue to make trade deals than make up the
European Union.



due to the high level of corruption that has developed over the last 50 years, and particularly since the beginning of the Tony Blair government,

we are still beset with a third rate outcome in terms of the Westminster government which itself has turned the Westminster of more honest times literally inside and out and upside down.

(No comicality intended)


We have more significant battles yet to be fought.


Still, others do not know or understand this, what it means, or the seriousness of it.

Most notable among these are Remainers who still think Remain is better.

So much so that, in disbelief at the benefits already showing themselves to Britain following its historic vote for Leave, they continue to peddle lies.


Lies that fly in the face of the realities that they lied against during the referendum campaign.


The Remainers have no alternative but to carry on lying!


It seems increasingly clear that the blinding misinformation and disinformation of decades

has created, despite our considerable understanding of the laws of physics as based upon the law of cause and effect, a mass delusion among believers that the power of ideal in some way overcomes truth and reality.


Below this point, this page is still under construction .... but please browse on if you wish...



All or most of the links and pages linked to this page will also be updated.

This process will continue until either we achieve full Brexit,

or I myself should Brexit

(whichever first!)



and do not appreciate the significance of having had our nation enjoined in the EU, in my view a criminal enterprise, without the electorate even being asked,


by people who would sell their country anyway.


This is a fight necessitated by the actions of politicians who despised our democracy,

and most of whom did not expect themselves to have to suffer the consequences of their misjudged and ill conceived actions and which they, at best,

arrogantly presumed correct .


Most of those politicians (principal perhaps being Ted Heath) in any case passed away during the decades since they enacted their foul deeds.

Others, alive and active today, look forward to pensions astronomical compared to ordinary people's incomes and fully guaranteed and who in the meantime feed from the gravy train created by that organisation to feed them and their schemes, constantly replenished by our taxes, and could no more contemplate leaving this criminal organisation than they could

contemplate cutting their own throats.


This is a fight also brought about by a relentless, persistent, dilution of proper

education in the British education system over these last 5 decades or so.

The system stifled teaching of history, especially untainted recent history,

showed blatant disregard for ethics of education and the individuality of pupils and students,

unashamedly indoctrinated the young and,

as if to underline all of the above,

even instructs them on how to vote in our EU referendum.


(Spending our own taxes on leaflets in order to convince us to vote to remain of course is to these people as nothing compared with the magnitude of the wider deceit of the people.

As Nigel Farage stated, the EU promotes democracy outside its borders then, as soon as the countries join the EU, the EU immediately proceeds to take their democracy away.)


It is for this reason that I am dedicating much of my web site and time and money today to fighting for my country, and for everyone in it (even those who feel otherwise).


Please see the two movies below.
They are essential viewing, one short, one long, and full of information true, factual, and with direct observations and conclusions, with no scare or fear tactics.

If the truth happens to be scary when straight facts and observations are presented, then one must recognise that the truth is scary.
Another scary aspect is to witness the spectacle of the remain side heavily soliciting others (Barak Obama the chief example) to stand up and say things that are designed to scare the voters into voting remain with next to no substantial factual backing for the statements whatsoever.



This movie was recorded about 13 years ago, after the British and Americans had gone into Iraq.

The man in this movie is called Donald Trump.

He is an enemy.

He is an enemy of the politically corrupt.

He is an enemy of the dishonest.

He speaks truth and reality with, may I say, Faragesque fearlessness and honesty.



(From a Brexiteer victim of Obama.)




Why You Should Vote To Leave The EU - another film that puts it fairly simply


BREXIT: The Film, crowd funded by the people, for the people.



Please continue reading to learn how and why I, in my loyalty to:



free speech;

my country;

the workers in my country;

habeas corpus;



everything our soldiers and the Allies in WW2 fought and gave their lives for;

to live in contentment and peace with my fellow countrymen and Europeans;

to mine and future generations;

and to those who have always been standing against the organisation containing the dubious people behind Nazis and the European Union,


am putting so much of my own resources into this during the campaign for this referendum, OR click here BREXIT to go to my Brexit pages.


It's the only way to be a good European!


If you wish to jump into the serious deep end, please click here, but warning: it is truly scary.



Before I go much further, I must write a little about the extraordinary time we in the United Kingdom now live.

First, may I ask, "Have you ever seen a picture of Nigel Farage?" Say "no" and I won't believe you, but more significant, to see a picture of Nigel is 'Direct Information', unimpeded by interpretation. If you say "no" in reply to this question, "Have you listened to or watched Nigel Farage?" then I would believe you. If all you know about Nigel Farage apart from what he looks like has been obtained from statements made by others, then it is most important that you watch and listen to him for just less than 2 hours. It's worth it to get things right. Click Nigel Farage for enlightenment.

A s a young man in the 1960's, born in 1952 when the adult population of Britain was still in shock and considerable trauma as a result of having survived the Second World War, I grew up with an acute awareness of war, of Europe's almost fatal encounter with the 3rd attempt at take over by superstatists (the first was Napoleon, the second was the Kaiser, and the 3rd Adolph Hitler), and deep struggling with the fact that men and women had willingly given up their lives so that people could live lives free of the kind of oppression that superstatists and dictators seek to forcefully impose on other fellow human beings.