UK Feb 2017:

Brexit (Post-Referendum)

Pre-Referendum (During the Battle of the Referendum)

This is 2017

and it is time for a traitor's

General Election




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This is what Tony Gosling, a Left Winger relative to reality and what may properly be regarded as "the centre",
now understands the story behind the so called Common Market, alias the European Union.


What the BBC Wont Tell You about Brexit

Evidence the EU was designed by the Nazis in 1942

Terror May

This is only my point of View


I can and always have been able to see clearly that Theresa May never intended Brexit, and has since becoming PM had no more intention than she ever had before the referendum of delivering any kind of a Brexit.

In her 6 years as Home Secretary Theresa May practised being convincing when proclaiming in her deep absolute "Thatcherite voice" that she would put a stop to this, reduce that to a few 10's of thousands, and so on, and she practised the conviction speech time and time again.

In absence of fulfilment at any time previously she honed her conviction speeches to perfection so that the next sounded as convincing as if she had fulfilled each and every one of her past resolutions.

Throughout her tenure as Home Secretary
Theresa May

Why on earth should anyone ever expect any different from her now?
Why did she become PM?

As I have constantly stated it has always appeared to me, because of the above, that Theresa May took the Prime Minister's position in order to 'hold the fort' while the EU police force (Europol) manned by French and German personnel, along with the EU army that Nigel before the referendum warned both us and the European Parliament of, are completed.

(I understood at the time Angela Leadsom stood aside to allow Theresa May unopposed into number 10 that it is very likely that Angela Leadsom also is a shill working for "the enemy" of the British people.)

After the Europol in the UK and the EU military forces are completed then our enemy government can do what they want because they will simply, with impunity, lock up anyone who objects for the rest of their lives.
There are many examples of this all over the world and we even have names and words to describe them: "dictatorships", authoritarianism" - rule by "totalitarian" governments, "absolute rule", "police state", "fascism".

Anyone who doubts a word of this should look at Theresa May's eyes when she is talking about the bombings and the dead children.
My father taught me this technique, and I notice that Brian Gerrish (of the UK Column) advises this also.
If you do so you will see that Theresa May's eyes reflect absolutely no feeling for the subject she is talking about, regardless of whether inanimate object or slaughtered children.
She is as much a doll as is Cameron - void of feelings, empathy - more importantly, she is a puppet, and I believe knows not what she does.
It is the people pulling her strings (giving her orders) who know what she and they are doing.

Theresa May's current job and number one priority is now to get people angry and onto the streets.
Her controllers want blood on the streets.

They want fighting between people on the streets so that the streets turn red with blood.

Because then her controllers can let the dogs (Europol) out onto the streets, in full force, with no protection for innocent citizens, no open courts with juries - only secret courts with unconstitutional judges judging people privately - and she and her totalitarian government will appear to be doing the natural and right thing because of the violence on the streets which will by then be commanding and diverting everyone's attention.

This is their NEXT STEP !

I have not the slightest doubt that this snap General Election is designed to do nothing more than seal our fate when shit begins to hit fan and people begin to wake up in the last 5 minutes of our country and ask, "What's going on?"

That time is now.

As if our Westminster government itself had ordered the Manchester bombing, the Manchester bomb went off: perfectly timed to reinforce her vote on the back of her cold speech that followed, perfectly designed to cause maximum anger, just like the fake sarin attack in Syria was designed to anger the violent minority of the Muslim (or fake Muslim?) community.

After the General Election you will hear Theresa May self-righteously proclaim, "It's alright: I know best. I won a majority of the vote in a General Election and I can do what I see it is best to do" as she opens the gates and lets Europol with it's foreign uniformed paid personnel impose our new found totalitarian dictatorship.

And that will signify ...

End Of Story.

End of freedom.

End of Britain.

End of the British Empire.

End of the United Kingdom.

End of British Parliamentary government forever.

End of Habeas Corpus forever.

End of English Law forever.

End of Common Law forever.

End of the home of Freedom forever.



The End.


Slavery without escape.

Slavery to the people behind the Westminster corrupt.

Slavery to the people behind the European Union.

Ready and waiting for slavery under the rulers of the New World Order.


Living death.


And in the 1970's all talk of communists was ridiculed as "reds under the bed"conspiracy theory, and real observation was thus quieted... See Yuri Bezmenov speaking in 1985.



The UK Column News edition of Thursday 25 May 2017

Blending and corporatisation of police and military.
Shadow government in Britain.
Coup in the course of being enacted in Westminster.
Divine power in the hands of the Prime Minister.


The following is a testimony to the contempt and alternative intentions of the
Conservative (The Not The Conservative Party) Party
in respect to the NHS along.

NHS Doctor