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UK Paedophilia


Since I first came across a report that Ted Heath had betrayed the UK most likely because of blackmail during the 1960's by the German DVD who had reportedly entrapped Mr Heath from the Channel Islands information about paedophilia in the UK and especially among the 'Westminster Crowd' have proliferated beyond any possible expectations. The Morning Cloud, Mr Heath's yacht that became famous about 1970 and after, is said to have come into Mr Heath's possession inexplicably beyond his means, and ultimately became implicated in the use of boys from an orphanage on the islands.


The story of Ella Gareva's children


The system operated under David Cameron by the British Government

Thousands of children stolen by the UK government every year

The next video is an interview of Victoria, a victim of ritual satanic abuse, who at one point, in describing one of the problems for some people brought into RSA unwittingly (28 minutes into the video), many of those people most likely wish that they could blow the whistle without risking their livelihoods, their family's wellbeing, or even their own freedom.

UK Column News Wednesday 25 November 2015

Melanie Shaw Paedophile "Whistle Blower" Unlawfully Imprisoned!

UK Column News 13th January 2017 Melanie Shaw

Who Is Melanie Shaw? Journalist Anna Bragga on jailed whistleblower child abuse victim

UK Column Melanie Shaw 30th June 2015 #Pizzagate

UK SS stealing children to make money

The next video contains a talk by Brian Gerrish narrating the depth of child abuse, institutionalised abuse, and murder, and his process of discovery some years ago about Common Purpose, and manipulation of children. Please listen out in particular for reference to Agenda 21, massive increase in child disability in South Wales, and injections.

Glastonbury Town Hall, 8th July 2015 - Part Three - Brian Gerrish

Thousands of children stolen by the UK government every year !



Not so very long ago a good friend of mine sent to me a Forward to a book, written by a friend of his, and my friend asked me for my thoughts on the said attached Forward.

As it happened, the article that was attached to his email was one of those rare things that acted both as a catalyst and as a detonator for me to spontaneously write my thoughts down at the same time as responding to his request. The train of thought triggered by this was most useful in that it enabled me to spontaneously string together a series of philosophical points that have been decades in the metamorphosis of and, for me at least, was most useful not least in getting my thoughts written down in a cohesive and comprehensible way.

In order to convey the flavour of this trigger I would like to begin by repeating a selection of extracts from the Forward here, before continuing.

Meanwhile, please