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UK Entrapment


Since the enemies of the UK succeeded soon after WW2 putting in place a system by which politicians and leaders could be compromised into betraying their (our) country by systematically enveigling them by whateveer means into the use and abuse of children, almost certainly for many years sourced and provided by Jimmy Saville, well protected as he was by the BBC, the future of our birthright and priceless treasure, our country, has been in peril. This was taking place many years before the fact became clear as a visibible certainty. Compromise of children was in many ways well underway by the mid 70's through the emplacement in our education establishment of a system of brainwashing - the 1970's: a time when any perceptive comment or mention of this direction our country was headed in being met with mock incredulity ridicule by the liberal and leftist useful idiots of the time.

Entrapment of Edward Heath, reportedly a willing useful idiot of our enemies, was possibly the first major coup by our enemies, but without doubt the method seems to have become the main means if subverting the 'free world'.



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