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.... and I think I could not do better than write a little about my thinking, thoughts, and philosophy, and place this on my Home Page as an introduction to myself, Philip Rock, as a person.

However, there is something going on in my country right now that is potentially as bad as the American torture of inmates of Guantanamo Bay.

The case is part of a large scale scandal concerning MP's, child abuse, unconstitutional and illegal secret courts in the UK, and a victim by the name of Melanie Shaw who has been reported on for some considerable time by UK Column. Please watch the news issue by UK Column below:


How To Brainwash A Nation (1985)

OBAMA's END GAME REVEALED BY KGB - Communist Obama Socialist / Marxist / Leninist


UK Column News 13th January 2017 Melanie Shaw

UK SS stealing children to make money

The next video contains a talk by Brian Gerrish narrating the depth of child abuse, institutionalised abuse, and murder, and his process of discovery some years ago about Common Purpose, and manipulation of children. Please listen out in particular for reference to Agenda 21, massive increase in child disability in South Wales, and injections.

Glastonbury Town Hall, 8th July 2015 - Part Three - Brian Gerrish

Thousands of children stolen by the UK government every year !



Not so very long ago a good friend of mine sent to me a Forward to a book, written by a friend of his, and my friend asked me for my thoughts on the said attached Forward.

As it happened, the article that was attached to his email was one of those rare things that acted both as a catalyst and as a detonator for me to spontaneously write my thoughts down at the same time as responding to his request. The train of thought triggered by this was most useful in that it enabled me to spontaneously string together a series of philosophical points that have been decades in the metamorphosis of and, for me at least, was most useful not least in getting my thoughts written down in a cohesive and comprehensible way.

In order to convey the flavour of this trigger I would like to begin by repeating a selection of extracts from the Forward here, before continuing.

Meanwhile, please

Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism



Well, it is a big subject. It raised as I read it many issues that I have thought through over a considerable number of years. It clarified as I read it many of the thoughts I have had over those same years, and usefully for me I feel it confirmed a number of things that I have always been for good reason too timid to put forward when it would otherwise have been appropriate etc.

It also strings many things together in a way that gives me confidence to go a bit further forward in my thinking,, and will lead to me saying in the near future things that I may not have otherwise.

I think that the biggest single thing it shows for me is the truth of my conviction that religion is extremely important in any society.
Also the importance of respecting the religions of other peoples. In each society their religions are just as important. The conflict between religions today is brought about by two main things:
1) Interference in the regions of one religion by peoples of another religion.
2) the misguided so called imposed ''multiculruralising' of people by picking them up and trying to mix them.

But back to the point of why religion is so important: far more important than politics (I never before got the courage to say that as strongly as it needs to be said.)

Only religion defines right and wrong, goo and bad. This is why there are the many references to evil, and the devil, are made by Waller Staples Poage III. It is not just the Christian faith, but other faiths also strive to show and define for peoples what is right and what is wrong, and what is good and what is bad. From these a generalisation grows in people's minds in the form of a 'sense' as to what is right and what is wrong. Politics feigns this, but never does actually produces one little molecule of definition of right and wrong. The purpose and existence of religion, regardless of what anyone might try to say, id in a practical sense is to do precisely that.

The stories and allegories and so on in most religions probably were never meant to be literal depictions of real events in history, but were based on real events and structured in order to draw wisdom and wise philosophies from the experience of earlier generations. None of these things is politics capable of doing. Politics are the product of self interested human beings. If anything politics first produces atheists, then out of those atheists produces would be god among our kind.

Over the last few years I have begun to say openly that it does not necessarily matter if god really exists. What god represents is a higher being, one who is separate from human beings and who therefore does not possess the faults of human beings. God thereby can be given selflessness and wisdom etc. over time that no human actually possesses, and over time this can and is preached in places of worship. The purpose of preaching and worshipping becomes important in places of worship in the sense of distributing the standards and qualities of God and selflessness and wisdom etc. It is no wonder that politics, politicians and atheists have big problems with religion! The eradication of religion from our societies is now paramount to all politicians - it is in the genes of politics that religion is its foe. Power and authority is what politics seeks, and what it has to take off religion. In short, there is war between politics and religion.

No explanation of political correctness and the politically correct should now be needed. Political Correctness must to wiser people be the epitome of evil. It is in fact now one of the most powerful single agents of evil.

Our selfishness and self indulgence as human beings has overwhelmed almost every one of our daily activities in the west. Yet many people live in the delusion that the world is a better place that it has ever been before. I have heard this from people with whom I have had conversations, following which I have broached the facts that there is horror on scales and depths of malice that has never before in the existence of human beings been experienced. It is not at all surprising that at a street and social level today lies are not punished, crimes are barely punished, social standards are almost all running in the gutter, and we have all those things described in the Four Horses of the Apocalypse that have preceded the final demise of civilisations in history.

In our societies we now have what seems to be many instances of Animal Farm being enacted in real life, however they are not necessarily recognisable as 'text book' examples: of course not, real world examples rarely fall in the text book category. However, the pigs in the different regions of the corrupted western states or groups of states are aiming to attain their endless superiority. This is the case in Europe, quite graphically illustrated by the corrupt and contemptible way that the new president Junker was put in place by Angela Merkel (thank god for Nigel Farage's illuminations and fearless standing up). I believe this is the case in America too, and I am myself now much more enlightened about what is going on, a place in which the air around certain people is thick with lies and political correction.

I was told back in 2005 by people I had not much respect for but who had also said a few things that have turned out perfectly correct, for instance about what would happen whenever guns were banned in the UK, about a conspiracy theory. The theory began and evolved around a student group in Cambridge who were not actual communists, but may have met under cover of a similar such group, and who were all of a like mind. Their philosophy was that the world would be a place free of war and with complete harmony if it was administered by one world-wide government. The time that this group existed was before and after the second world war. The members of the group agreed and pledged that they would work towards the objective of getting the world under one government. This would ultimately involve the abolition of nations states and it would require a lot of co-ordination over along period of time. The vows that they made were to take precedence of the politics of the parties or lives that they may be involved in during their subsequent careers.

I was told some of the well known names that were part of this group, but I did not write them down. However, two people who were definitely on it were Harold Wilson, and Edward Heath. Other names were those of politicians across the spectrum, and I believe there was one or two people who were not politicians. Also as part of their vows was the vow to discretely persuade throughout their lives anyone in influential position of the efficacy of this idea. The objective of this group was, I was told, given a name, but a name that was not meant to be used enough for it to get known outside the group. The name I was given was THE ONE WORLD PARTY. I have little doubt now that much if not all of this story was true and accurate, and I began to see evidence of it soon after I was told of it: after all, eye open and brain running is all that is needed. My certainty of the truth of this has only grown ever since, and I think it was about 2005 that I finally came to fully believe it.

So the chief pigs depicted in Animal Farm from each region are likely aiming to get together and claim the world as their own. There is no, and cannot be, any solid, direct, incontrovertible evidence of this. That is why it was so long before I became convinced. However, now the evidence is shockingly stark with a clarity that is still increasing, especially in the light of the EU and contempt for democracy there. That, Rusty, is why I am so concerned that America finds its saviour. It is not exactly like 1939 to 1941, so the link is not I believe a Pearl Harbour eureka moment: it is unknown to us.

I will leave my arguments against oversized nations or groups, and the factors influencing the optimum sizes and scales of culture groups for another time. They are important, and it is wrong to go for any One World 'Party-ism'. I know this because in my childhood sleepless nights I thought this through, including how to prevent wars, what was the best way to prevent them, how not to prevent them, and so on.

It seems that war is a part of a process in the evolution of the human race, particularly internal or civil wars that, as in the case of England after the Roman occupation ended, gave rise to the process of development that brought about habeas corpus and the English legal system. It is as if nature herself made it that war was necessary for evolution in any intelligent being. (Please see ) However war is not desirable by choice, and suffice to say that the aggressor is the primary cause of any war. The second cause of any war is the defender who allows his willingness to defend himself drop. This is what may encourage the would be aggressor to become or be aggressive.

As long as we have variety of cultures and peoples in the world, we will have progress and evolution. The thing we need to do and which we as a race have plenty of experience to enact is live by the rules that prohibit aggression and interference in the affairs of other people. Judging other people and their societies to be bad and then proceeding to denigrate and undermine those other people and their societies is the first evil between nations, the first cause of war, and the primary excuse for aggression. The Bible IS a wise book. Inside the First Testament is written most of the wisdoms that are most applicable in this area. Rules relating to respecting one's neighbour, not undermining other people (or sowing seeds of discontent) and so on abound. Now we are back to something that was produced within a religion. Well, there it is. These wisdoms are not written anywhere else other than in the writings of people's religions, and this is what evil is in the present day sweeping away.


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