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and the same should true for Americans

UN Admits Migrant Crisis Plan To Overthrow West

So it must be with no less a thankful and glad heart that Americans on the whole must welcome the speech of a statesmen the likes of which has not been heard for very many decades.

As with Britain's Brexit vote at the referendum polls 6 months ago, it is to be hoped that the western world has turned a corner is now being guided onto a course of safety, peace, security, and love and respect for one's fellow human beings like no Marxist de-constructivist movement could even dream of.

Trump's FULL Inauguration Speech

One weekend in 2003 while a resident in Dallas Texas, when I was thinking out loud and thought I was also talking to my builder friend (retrospectively it seems he was not comprehending what I was saying!) I said how I was worried because non of our so called leaders on either side of the Atlantic (in Texas they call it The Pond) was really anything like a true statesman or woman and how self interest (beautifully displayed in all its disgusting and vile infamy by the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair) had seemingly almost completely taken over most of the actions of the main western governments. In fact I ventured to express my disgust at them but again unsurprisingly, even that did not seem to catch my friend's attention therefore, truly, I was speaking to myself.

In my ramblings I spoke about how my concern was acute, and that I could not see where our two nations were going or what lay in the otherwise foreseeable future.

In this I did express my dear wish that statesmen the like of which we badly needed would appear and take charge of the national affairs that were then becoming corrupted with increasing rapidity, and I also expressed how we must be doomed if this did not happen.

However, after returning to the U.K. in 2006, by 2008 I was appreciating increasingly comprehensively that we in the U.K. were in growing danger from a growing oppressive police state that seemed to have grown up out of nowhere. I recall at the time being acutely worried by this and was faced with conveying my concerns across the Atlantic to my same friend who when in the presence of in 2003 I had not managed to communicate by concerns that first time around! My perception of the approaching dark, menacing, doom laden times ahead, I was in actual palpable fear. George Orwell's depictions of tyranny and dictatorship served well, and through videos from Youtube and newspaper articles I began sending information to my friend, who by this time had moved to Wyoming, not too far from Yellowstone Park. Slowly, much to my relief, my friend in America began to see what I was saying.

And so it was during 2009 that Youtube brought to me the sight and sound of a man from Britain speaking in the European Parliament, speaking not the standard meaningless gobbledegook waffle speak that had come to be heard constantly issuing forth from the mouths of politicians and civil servants, especially those in the European Parliament, but a voice that was speaking comprehensible reason, logical thought, and providing true depictions of reality. It only took about three clips of seeing that man speaking straight, honest, non Politically Corrupt (PC) words, to recognise that here we might, just might ... no, definitely did, have the true statesman I was pining for back in 2003 in Dallas. From that point on, my man in the U.K. was Nigel Farage, the man who speaks in Parliament for all good honest hard working people not only in the U.K. but also in all other countries in Europe.

From 2009 to 2016 we have seen the emergence of two statesmen, one on each side of the Atlantic (Pond), who may, just may, bring about a saviour of the western world at least, and hopefully the Middle East and Russia also. Whilst initially Donald Trump seemed an unlikely statesman for America, he has shown himself to be an undoubted colossus of a statesman who will very likely solve the problem of corrupt tyrannical leadership on the western shores of the Atlantic, and may well, if he adheres to his inaugural speech and the promises within it, ultimately become one of the most important and significant Presidents in America's history: the saviour of America.




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