! I Accuse !


From Britain alone there have arisen a virtual army of traitors who have acted as soldiers of a certain foreign nation.


These people must be named.


Furthermore, each and every country that was led into membership of the European Union has its own army of traitors: soldiers from within yet of a foreign power.


It is for those sovereign states to deal with their own traitors if they have the will, so there will be no none British listed here.



A body of opinion says traitors who brought us to 2016 should not go unrewarded (punishmed)


There is a growing body of evidence from over the last 50 decades that it seems may support prosecution. The following links may contain some of these:

  • This item may give an overall picture that reveals one body, the corporates, as part of the main culprit, their objective, and method (the mechanism for taking private ownership of democratic nation states):
    The Truth About The European Union.